Friday, October 25, 2013

Records (as in Vinyl) Making Big Comeback

Records (as in Vinyl) Making Big Comeback - Rooky's Records, Amoeba and others

 Remember 45s, LPs and 78s?  Remember Record Stores? Well, they're B-A-A-A-C-K! (Well, maybe not the 78s) And, to the tune of $152 million worth last year in the U.S. - a 52% increase over the previous year. We were just in Fry's Electronics today bringing in our computer to have repaired and here is this wall of Vinyl we'd never seen before. (Talk about Phil Spector's Wall of Sound.) 

 Music stores can be called Record Stores once again, like the above Rooky Ricardo's Records on Haight Street in San Francisco. Listen as he owner Dick tells the story how his prime customers are 24 year old kids buying vinyl now. And they said vinyl was gone for ever with the advent of CDs. Well, CD sales are way down, according to Dick. Amoeba Music, the supermarket of vinyl just down the street, is going great guns as are their other stores in Berkeley and Los Angeles.

 Why the comeback of vinyl? Apparently people realized that records and the impressive record jacket art  and labels that  along with them have sentimental value even to the younger crowd. They associate a record jacket with a memory of, say, a date they had, what two years ago? A little, tinny CD just doesn't have the staying power. And MP3s are just 'air.' Records are bigger and tangible, much like collecting books versus reading off an ereader. Let's see how long ereaders stay popular.

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