Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Might Have Admired Amos and Andy Work Ethic


MARTIN LUTHER KING TRIBUTE - KINGFISH, AMOS AND ANDYThere was actually less violence in the 1950s than today! So there were problems, racism, etc. but outside the South Americans got along for the most part and life was good, No, Kingfish was not the most scrupulous guy, always taking advantage of Andy, but that was Kingfish. Amos had a successful taxi business and Calhoun was a lawyerand Kingfish.. well, he did whatever he did to make a buck... Have a little fun harkening back on MLK day... Let's lighten up and not be too politically correct. Fortunately, times have improved in some regard, but who knows if people are really having more fun than they did in the 1950s...

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